08 June 2012

fri-write friday 6/8: "upon the house floor"

"Justice" by Giorgio Vasari [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
This past week I had to deal with the folly of my insurance company. After a few days of fighting with them, I came to the (mostly mock) conclusion that I should just take my complaints to Washington and rant and rage before Congress or the Senate. Unfortunately I'm not really one for raging (or ranting for that matter). I'm one for poeming. So I spoke my peace through a poem that's about as "political" as I get.

Upon the House floor

My hour is tainted by furies
that make me want to rage to Washington,
rage the Senate, and keep on raging
until all that remains be dust.

The blood in my veins poppy red—so, what,
as Louie wails, did I do to be so black and blue?

If I see red forgive me—let it be the red
of tulip blossoms, the fiery light within them
popping into spherical wonders, drifting off
to invade some militant’s
garden of thorns.

I chose a softer light of softer hues and tones;
I have no room for this assault, this corporate rebellion.

I blame you—daring to find the linens
worn bare, the holes in my pockets
just wide enough to reach your fingers through
and pull the last dime free.

I loathe politics. I love politicians, their hearts
and heads aflame with pathos and oration.

I love to watch them graze the House floors,
preach and persuade with words that make
the coolest heart swell like bellies
from that last swilling
of water from the well.

My time is wasted—my hour is gone.
All I have left is silence.


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  1. Wow Khara! You are so graced with the power of uprisen words. I loved the lines: to invade some militant’s/garden of thorns. Each stanza grew from that for me, including the differentiation of politics and politicians - until you slammed me with the final two lines - which spoke more volumes in that silence than one might imagine.

    This might just be my newest favorite poem.

  2. You certainly do have a way with words...I see more of your restrained rage - " if I see red let it be the red of tulip blossoms". Khara " outrage" does not have to be political... I have seen you roar in the jungle and would love you to allow yourself to let loose here !

    1. Ha-ha, I try, Pearl, I try ... I feel like I'm that "jungle cat" that starts off ready to roar, thinks again, and perches in the mouth of a cave or a lofty tree bough, eyes glowing, that threatening growl left resonating in my throat. (A thought that has just inspired another poem-thought ... I love this craft.)
      : -)

    2. Aw Khara ... That is just the sense I got .... that growl resonating in your throat was in my ears... Looking forward to the new piece:)

  3. Fabulous, fabulous; imaging sooo good! one more reason i love your words! keep going girl; i'm going to post something from my book that is of the same ilk; we spur each other on.

    1. Thank you, Esther! Let us continue in spurring and ilking together : -)

  4. This is the best, best way to have your say, Khara; this is soft and beautiful and extremely powerful. While the situation is beautiful in your OLJ, I hope everything is alright with the insurance for you out there.

  5. Each line slashes deeply. No need to roar when you have quick paws and sharp claws.

    Very powerful piece, Khara.

  6. Powerful poem, Khara. I can see the politicians grazing.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. When I wrote that image initially I remember just sitting back and thinking, "Grazing? Really?" But now I'm glad I kept it! : -)


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