01 June 2012

fri-write friday 6/1: 3 poems

This week I gave my new writing schedule its first trial runs. I'm happy to say that it's at least off to a decent start; I'm not completely "on schedule" yet but I'm feeling much more relaxed and reassured in my writing and platforming work.

On Wednesday of this week I was able to set aside time later in the day, rather than my scheduled time, to read and write for an hour each; I wound up writing for about two hours, which was a happy turn. In that time, I wrote three poems, parts of which I'm sharing here. I'd share the full
poems but they all turned out a bit lengthy (longer than I'm used to, to be honest, which I *think* was a good thing!), and I think could be used as part of a collection or submission so I'm keeping them (mostly) to myself : ) I hope you enjoy these "glimpses"!

from   A moment of silence

We long to be sparrows
when in fact we are seagulls crashing
over waves to plow the ocean of fish
and hoard them in our billfolds
---now nobody will own you
but me.

from   Roots

Watch us storm across your heartlands,
some great black wonder
swallowing up birdsongs
in this night caressing you
into the womb of all we got to offer,
the warmth of our chambers
scaring and soothing you
from knowledge
so deep.

We done
come from whirlwinds and cloud parts,
the canals of star paths

from   Give me that old time religion 

Swing low. Sweet treats
and peach fuzz
wasn't nothing compared
to that moment---
nothing sweeter
than the gentle breeze
soaking up the spectators of history
in that stadium,
sweeter than the panicked
sweat drying on a granddaddy's brow
when the radio sang
of a color line
broken across home plate
and, Lord,
the sweet cool water
eating up those youthful knees
and thighs
and passing them down river.

Image: "storm is coming" by Michalina Piotrowska


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  1. These are gorgeous, Khara. You stun, as always.
    I am especially enamored of those sea gulls who long to be sparrows. Beautiful longing there, quietly violent...
    I can't wait to see the full fruits of these some day in print. Standing in line to purchase early, and yet doubt I will be first in line. ;)

    You rock my world.

    De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo)

  2. Hi Kharra, I love the glimpses and now I want to read the whole Give me that old time religion poem, which I’ve fallen in love with. I’d love to know more about your schedule, so will go read the link, as I’m completely hopeless at schedules, deadlines, personal goals etc...and, even my shrink says, I really need to get my act together.

  3. Hello Kharra, all poems evoked vivid imagery. Roots was especially meaningful, loved the last stanza.

  4. Thank you, all. Veronica, the glorious thing about my schedule is that things can be shifted back or forward an hour or so, but having it all in writing makes me tell myself, "No matter what, you have to get that writing/reading hour in." And, "No matter what, you will not spend more than an hour on Facebook or Twitter" : -)

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  6. seagulls wanting to be sparrows reminds me of the story of the fish who wanted to be an eagle... roots... eerie, ethereal, timeless not confined to the moors of modern day convention... old time religion ... a home run there :)

    1. Meena, I don't think I'm familiar with that story but it sounds like the perfect reading for building up more inspiration for future poems! Thank you for the reference, and your comment.

  7. So I'm finally making the jump over here and adding your blog to my list, rather than just cruising around Poetic Asides. I think the three bits above are reason enough: you have such a great talent for transitioning from voice to voice, and infusing each poem with a different kind of spirit. Loving it. :)

    1. Thanks, Joseph! I look forward to reading more of your work and hearing more of your thoughts.


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