28 June 2012

online finds 6/28: duotrope

Duotrope is a godsend of a resource for writers!
I have, with increasing frequency, had so many friends and writing colleagues ask about Duotrope that I figured it was about time to just write up a quick profile to make sure folks are aware of this fantastic web resource.

In high school, I had a science teacher tell my class that "entropy" was the answer to all science related questions there was no answer to. In the writing world, I think I can safely say that "Duotrope" is the answer to all the writing and publication questions you might not have the answer to.

27 June 2012

"knowing when to leave": necessary breaks (from writing)

Given yesterday's post regarding the hectic nature of my summer schedule, I am so happy to be focusing this week's personal update on the topic of taking necessary breaks from writing. Let me start by saying that sometimes, we writers need to take a break from writing. 

Let me say that again:

In case you missed it ... Sometimes, we need to take a break.

26 June 2012

time is (not quite) on my side!

I meant to post this much, much earlier in the day, but never had the chance! I am currently in training for my (beloved) summer job, which means I sometimes may be delayed from posting updates to this (beloved) site. Case in point ... today!

25 June 2012

craft tip monday 6/25: into the “jungle”--what you don’t know

Welcome to the fourth and final foray into the “lost jungle” of writing. Thus far we have defined the landscape of the jungle, engaged in word play, and looked at fairy tales as inspirational locales for discovering writing ideas. This week, I want to close with a short musing on a topic that is, and will always be, near and dear to my writerly heart: writing "what you don’t know."

Into the Lost Jungle: Writing "What You Don't Know"

22 June 2012

fri-write friday 6/22: "a picture is worth..."

... 1,000 words?

"Our Lost Jungle" word art
I don't know exactly how many words are in this--but I do know that the picture (which was a cheesy impromptu self-"writerly"-pic I took because I'd just done my first up-do) you see here is made up entirely (or, at least, almost entirely) of the words "our lost jungle". I've been playing with the Gimp image editing app and having what is probably way too much fun with it. Too much fun or not ... well, it was fun!

Happy Friday, and see you next week!


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21 June 2012

online finds 6/21: 5 fun tools for writers

5 Fun (and FREE!) Writing Tools
Two weeks ago I shared five great organizational tools for writers. These week, I want to step back into my favorite realm of writerly life ... that corner of the writer's toolbox that I like to call the "writer's playground."

Work now, play later has it's place in the writing life, make no mistake. But one of the great things about writing, whether part- or full--time, is that a lot of the time our work can pass as play, and vice versa! These five tools highlight some of the fun we writers can have while practicing our craft.

20 June 2012

"with the sound of music": writing playlists

This past year I learned my love of music also
extended to the glorious karaoke stage :)
I am a big fan of music. All kinds. I think I listen to music in every genre, from Soul to Industrial Metal, Easy Listening to Hardcore, and everything in between.

Most days I can't manage to listen to music and write at the same time (or, write very much) because I get caught up in the melody and harmony, and before I know it my hands have dropped my pen or left the keys and I'm tapping out a rhythm on the arm of my chair or back of my notebook and singing along.

19 June 2012

opportunities for writers 6/19

a--z presses

Welcome to the third week of the Opportunities for Writers’ focus on an “A to Z” literary journals and presses. Each week will feature three presses with open calls for submission seeking your writing! Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
(Image: "pencils" by Borbas Krisztian)

18 June 2012

craft tip monday 6/18: into the “jungle”--fairy tales

Welcome back to the lost jungle of writing. So far, we have defined the terrain into which we wander when we let words play and language speak for itself rather than us trying to force language into line. We have cleared some land and plowed word gardens to experiment with word play. This week, we wander further into the realm of the lost jungle. This is a deeper, somewhat darker corner. It is magical, full of wonder, and new ways of seeing that often defy sense—at least, the sense of the world we usually inhabit. This week, we are journeying into the corner of the jungle occupied by: fairy tales.

Entering the Lost Jungle: Exploring the Region of Fairy Tale

15 June 2012

fri-write friday 6/15: "past is present"

This Fri-Write Friday, I decided to share more of what can happen with word gardens. This is a poem born of one of my word gardens, using the same guidelines shared on Monday. The “seeds” for the poem were:

Night Folk Philtrum Firelight Wheat
Dripping Cardamom Lazy Molasses Bin
Dining Penny Brown Dappled Lunulae
Shaking Diagram Birth Pregnant Earthen
Starch Sassafras Okra Petrichor Sesame

14 June 2012

online finds 6/14: an interview with poet matt larrimore

Matt and I could have been rivals. Matt likes the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles; I like the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies. Matt thinks a cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz is A-Okay; I think it’s a cardinal sin. At karaoke, Matt would sing Rock ballads; I sang Soul ballads. We could have been rivals ... instead I consider him a good friend. I know Matt from graduate school; we both attended, and now have both graduated from, Northern Arizona University’s Master’s Program in English. When I was the poetry editor for Thin Air Magazine, the graduate literary journal for NAU, Matt was one of my go-to readers whose input led to a number of fantastic poetry selections; he went on to become the Managing Editor for the journal. We workshopped each other’s poems in class and enjoyed each other’s poems at readings. We talked sports (despite differing teams, we can both love baseball). He’s a great friend, and a great poet. It’s a joy to have the opportunity to interview him as part of this series.

Matt Larrimore, poet, and editor of Four Ties Lit Review

Matthew Larrimore was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and moved west in 2007. Since then he has lived in Colorado and now resides in Arizona. He received a Master’s degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing in May of 2012 at Northern Arizona University. He is the Founder / Editor of FourTiesLitReview.com. His own work has previously appeared in The Chimeras, The Crucible, Aproposthearts.com, and TheMinutiae.Blog.com.

What are you currently working on?

I have a lot of irons in the fire right now. I’m trying to find a job or assistantship that will work with the MFA program I’ve been accepted into. I’m reading a lot of submissions for my new online magazine Four Ties Lit Review. I’m working on getting personal submissions out. I’m also trying to get some writing (poetry) done. We have a small group of poets and other writers working on a ‘30 poems in 30 days challenge’ for the month of June. I’m not keeping up too well though.

You mentioned the start up of your lit magazine, Four Ties Lit Review. Tell us a little about your vision for Four Ties, and where you see it going over the next year.

13 June 2012

“to everything, turn, turn, turn”: on mourning (and dancing)

In 1959, Pete Seeger committed to song an almost verbatim rendition of Ecclesiastes 3, a scriptural chapter that bears the title “A Time for Everything.” Three years preceding the penning of Seeger’s song, in a Philadelphia hospital, my mother was born, on December 26, 1956. Just shy of 56 years later, on what I imagine was a cool wet day that paralleled the cold winter day of her birth, my mother passed from this world into eternity.

My mother, Rosita E. House (nee Bradley),
pregnant with my older brother

12 June 2012

opportunities for writers 6/12

a--z presses

This is the second week of the Opportunities for Writers’ focus on literary journals and presses seeking your writing. Each week will feature three presses with open calls for submissions. Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
(Image: "pencils" by Borbas Krisztian)

11 June 2012

craft tip monday 6/11: into the “jungle”--word play (part ii)

Welcome back to our month-long journey into the "lost jungle" of writing! Last Monday, you were invited into the landscape of this jungle, where we seek to “wander into the territory of … writing freedom.” This week, we take our first tentative steps onto the path toward giving writing back its free-spirited voice by returning to a subject that has always been near and dear to me: word play.

Entering the Lost Jungle: "Plow the Garden" Through Word Play

08 June 2012

fri-write friday 6/8: "upon the house floor"

"Justice" by Giorgio Vasari [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
This past week I had to deal with the folly of my insurance company. After a few days of fighting with them, I came to the (mostly mock) conclusion that I should just take my complaints to Washington and rant and rage before Congress or the Senate. Unfortunately I'm not really one for raging (or ranting for that matter). I'm one for poeming. So I spoke my peace through a poem that's about as "political" as I get.

07 June 2012

online finds 6/7: 5 organizational tools for writers

5 tools to organize your writing life
(image: "Calendar Series 4" by Maxime Perron Caissy)

The focus for this week's Online Finds is great tools for organizing your writing life. The five resources listed here are all easy to use, and, best of all, free to use. Enjoy!

06 June 2012

"ready, set, read" : my summer 2012 reading list

A few years ago, I gave myself a summer reading challenge to read at least five new books by non-American authors. It was a glorious summer of all new books, and some of the most reading I’d gotten to do in years.

05 June 2012

opportunities for writers 6/5

a--z presses

Starting this month, the focus of the Opportunities for Writers posts will be a selection of literary journals and presses seeking submissions. We will work our way through the alphabet, featuring three journals each week. Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
(Image: "pencils" by Borbas Krisztian)

04 June 2012

craft tip monday 6/4: entering the poetic “jungle”

For the month of June, we will be entering the "lost jungle" of writing. But before launching into the prompts and concepts that will help us engage that jungle landscape, it’s important to define what exactly the terrain is that we’ll be wandering into.

Entering the "lost jungle" of writing
(image: "Tropical Jungle" by LayHwa Chew)

01 June 2012

fri-write friday 6/1: 3 poems

This week I gave my new writing schedule its first trial runs. I'm happy to say that it's at least off to a decent start; I'm not completely "on schedule" yet but I'm feeling much more relaxed and reassured in my writing and platforming work.

On Wednesday of this week I was able to set aside time later in the day, rather than my scheduled time, to read and write for an hour each; I wound up writing for about two hours, which was a happy turn. In that time, I wrote three poems, parts of which I'm sharing here. I'd share the full

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