08 May 2012

opportunities for writers 5/8

The focus for this week's opportunities for writers is small presses publishing poetry (and other) collections. As I've been thinking about where and how to try and publish my first collection/chapbook of poems, I’ve come across several great small presses that you might want to check out as well! And with no reading fees, there’s no cost to you to take advantage of these opportunities. Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities
for writers! (Image: "pencils" by Borbas Krisztian)


RED OCHRE PRESS is a multicultural press that seeks to “venerate voices from around the world, taking pride in writers whose work is both innovative and captivating.” Poets are encouraged to send up to five poems at a time for the lit journal, or a five poem chapbook. The accept submissions from across multiple genres, preferring work that is “innovative and captivating.” They encourage simultaneous submissions, as long as the author is considerate, and lets the press know if his or her work has been accepted and/or published elsewhere.

Reading Period: Year-round submissions
What to Send: 1 prose piece (up to 3000 words) for fiction, nonfiction, and/or essays; up to 5 poems at a time OR a 5 poem chapbook; up to 5 pieces of artwork (the press indicates that each art piece “must contain some speck of red”)
Payment: No payment
For Details: Visit RED OCHRE PRESS online at www.redochrelit.com

Damask Press

Damask is an independent press located in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Chicago. They favor “a spare design aesthetic and verse in traditional forms, though of course we encourage poets to ‘make it new.’” They publish poetry chapbooks, and ask that poets limit themselves to two submissions per year. Simultaneous submissions “are allowed but do notify us immediately if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.”

Reading Period: A specific reading period is not listed, but their website indicates that they are currently open to submissions
What to Send: A collection of poems (number/page length not listed) submitted as a Word document or PDF to “damask.press@gmail.com” with your last name, the title of your manuscript, and the word “submission” in the subject line of your email.
Payment: No monetary advance or royalties; according to the Duotrope listing they “do not list pay specifics”
For Details: Visit Damask Press online at www.damaskpress.com

Turtleneck Press

Turtleneck Press makes small chapbooks (literally—their books are printed in a 4” x 5” format) of new writing that feature “innovation, weird feelings and strange ideas.” Because their books are small, they state that brevity is a foremost criterion; they are looking for “experimental nonexperimental new exciting absurd brave works that can be experienced in the palm of a hand.” Simultaneous submissions are accepted. The press will print 60 copies of accepted chapbooks as a first printing; the author receives ten copies, with up to ten copies going to reviewers of the author’s choice, up to ten copies to bookstores of the author’s choice for consignment, and the rest sold by Turtleneck Press on their website and/or at various events. Turtleneck Press also interviews each author, with links to websites and the reviews when they are made.

Reading Period: No specific reading period is listed; submissions are accepted via Submishmash, so I’d assume they’re either open to submissions year-round or their submission manager will indicate they are closed (it is currently open)
What to Send: 40 pages maximum—12-30 poems (“the longer your poems, the fewer you should submit”); 2,000-5,000 words of prose; and now submissions for a mini book series (2.5”x3”, <8pages) with stories 300-700 words long or “very short” poems. Files must be submitted in .doc or .rtf format
Payment: No payment information is listed; submitters should contact the press directly for payment information
For Details: Visit Turtleneck Press online at www.turtleneckpress.com 

Happy Writing!


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