29 May 2012

opportunities for writers 5/29

Before we get into this week's opportunities, I want to remind you all to join in tonight’s #MNINB Twitter Chats. The first starts at 6pm ET (that’s 3pm PT); the second starts at 9pm ET (6pm PT)! The topic for both is “Take (Back) Your Time: Reclaiming Our Write-Time” and will focus on our struggle as writers to find and/or make the time to write. Come to one … come to both! Follow along and join in on Twitter using the #MNINB hashtag. Or, if Twitter is too hard to follow (which, lately, I can definitely relate to!), join in on TweetChat.com! I look forward to chatting with you!

contests: collections

The focus for this week’s opportunities for writers is contests recognizing poetry collections. Last week we looked at anthologies, which are great resources for poets looking to submit to themed collections rather than “traditional” literary magazines, journals, or presses. But a lot of poets (yours truly included) are also hard at work on putting together collections of their own work, and it can be just as daunting---if not more so---to find a good home for a collection or chapbook as it is to get just one poem accepted to a lit mag! Though most content so far in the Opportunities for Writers posts have been 100% free opportunities, it’s a little harder to find printers and publishers sponsoring chapbook or collection contests that are free. Instead, I focused on contests with relatively low ($25 or less) entry fees. Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
(Image: "pencils" by Borbas Krisztian)

kore press first book award for poetry

Kore Press was founded in 1993 by “the creative efforts of book designer Lisa Bowden and poet Karen Falkenstrom.” According to their website:
Kore’s vision has been to publish and distribute excellent works of literary and artistic value by a diversity of women, including those traditionally underrepresented in the cultural mainstream; to promote those voices; and to educate young people about publishing and literary activism.
Unfortunately, fellas, you’re out of this contest: this competition is seeking female writers who have not published a full-length collection of poetry. Manuscripts should include a minimum of 48 pages (80 pages max) of original poetry (no translations). The reading is blind: the author’s name cannot appear anywhere on the manuscript. This contest is particularly exciting to me (so much so that I almost refused to share it, because I know far too many fabulous female poets) because this year’s judge is none other than my poet crush, Nikky Finney!

Reading Fee: $20
Deadline: July 31, 2012
Prize: $1,000 + book publication

2012 finishing line open chapbook competition

Finishing Line has been “providing a place for today’s poets since 1998.” That’s about all the information the press shares about themselves on their website, but from a quick web search I think I’m safe in saying they’re a great small press. One great thing about this competition is that previous chapbook publication doesn’t disqualify you from entering; so if you’re one of the lucky poets with a chapbook already out there, jump on into the “race” (get it? Because it’s Finishing Line Press? Har-har-har!). Another great thing about this competition: multiple submissions! That’s right … if you have two chapbooks, you can submit them both! Or maybe you have a collection of over 50 pages---split it in half and submit each half! And a final great thing about this competition (there are just so many): the top-ten finalists will be offered publication!

Poets should submit up to 26 pages of poetry, a bio, acknowledgements, SASE, and cover letter. Pushcart Prize winning poet Bruce Bennett will judge this year’s competition.

Reading Fee: $15
Deadline: June 15, 2012
Prize: $1,000 + publication

2012 pearl poetry prize

Pearl Magazine was founded in 1974. The editors come from “very different poetic points of view”, and thus try to make Pearl “an eclectic publication, a place for lively, readable poetry and prose that speaks to real people about real life in direct, living language, profane or sublime.”

The 2012 Poetry Prize will be judged by Patty Seyburn. Manuscripts should include 48-64 pages of original poetry, a title page with listed information (see the web link below), an acknowledgment page (with previously published poems) and table of contents, and an SASE. Further details and instructions are available on the contest site.

Reading Fee: $25
Deadline: June 30, 2012
Prize: $1,000 + publication + 25 copies and a foreword by the finalist judge

Happy Writing!


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