22 May 2012

opportunities for writers 5/22

Before I launch into this week’s opportunities, I’d like to point you all toward a very fun interview by De Miller Jackson of yours truly. I was so honored De initiated this interview with me; her questions were a lot of fun to answer, and the level of care and consideration she put into representing my poetic-self left me truly humbled. You can check out the interview (which includes thoughts on poetry, and zombies!) here: Whimsygizmo’s Blog --- Khara House Interview

The focus for this week’s opportunities for writers is anthologies looking for submissions! A lot of folks I know---including myself---are feverishly looking for places to submit, but the focus tends to be on literary journals, magazines, and other similar presses. Anthologies offer a great opportunity to engage the poetic community by joining voices with other writers writing to the same theme. Each of these anthologies are looking for your work, and submitting is free. Enjoy!

Start prepping your pencils for these great opportunities for writers
(Image: "pencils" by Borbas Krisztian)
damselfly press

damselfly press is a “gathering of women’s voices” that seeks to “promote exceptional writing by women.” The upcoming July 2012 issue will be completely devoted to MFA graduates and students. However, female authors “of all experiences” are encouraged to consider damselfly as the perfect place to have their voices heard. The online submission deadline is June 15, 2012 for the July issue. Full submission guidelines can be found at their website, damselflypress.net.


THEMA literary journal works to create “a conversation over how different writers would respond to a single quirky theme”---this is both the origin of the press and its continued mission. Upcoming themes include “A week and a day” (July), “Eyeglasses are needed” (November), and “The left handed club” (March 2013). All submissions must relate directly to the theme, and the theme must be “an integral part of the plot, not necessarily the central theme but not merely incidental.” Make sure you include the target theme you’re submitting to in your cover letter! This is a snail mail submission publication, so make sure you prep your submissions early! Full submission guidelines are available at themaliterarysocety.com.


5x5 is a print literary magazine that strives to share literature with “excellent strength and perfect clarity.” The editors urge submitters to “make sure that the work you are submitting fits the theme of the issue.” 5x5 describes itself as a concise literary magazine, which means submissions should be short: shorter poems, 500 words or less in fiction and nonfiction, and so forth. The current upcoming theme is “Outside”, with a deadline of August 1, 2012 for submissions. To learn more about the submission process, visit 5x5 online at 5x5litmag.org.

Happy Writing!


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  1. AWESOME pops again, Khara. I shared over on the PA Friends Facebook page. And thanks for the link-up to the interview. :)


  2. Ooops. That should be "awesome opps." Stupid auto correct. ;) Oh well. Your "opps" POP.

  3. Thanks, De! (I kind of like the sound of my awesome popping, though, ha-ha) :D


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