15 May 2012

opportunities for writers 5/15

Remember to join in the #MNINB Twitter Chat tonight!
The focus for this week's opportunities for writers is Twitter chats for writers. If you follow me at all on Facebook, you might know that I'm actually hosting a Twitter chat tonight! Twitter chats are a great opportunity to network with other writers and see some of the ideas that are being shared on the web. Even if you can’t sit through a full chat, you can usually find a transcript of the chat so you can scroll through and get an idea of the conversation that happened, and be inspired by the conversation that took place! Here are a few great Twitter chats you should check out!


Through Robert Lee Brewer’s My Name Is Not Bob blog, several writers have gathered together to discuss writing and writing-related topics through a number of venues. One of them is on Twitter, where we gather for a fun, writing-focused chat! Tonight, I will be hosting not one, but two #MNINB chats. The first will start at 6:00 pm EST (3pm PT) and end at around 7:00 pm EST (4 PT). The second will start at 9pm ET (6pm PT) and end at around 10pm (7pm). The focus for this week’s chat is Blogging: Staying Inspired. Join me on Twitter at 6 or 9 pm EST (or both!), and follow the #MNINB hashtag to join in! To keep up with the MNINB founder on Twitter, just follow @robertleebrewer (And don’t forget to find, follow, and chat with me on the reg on Twitter, @ourlostjungle!)


The Poet Party is hosted by 32 Poems Magazine. Founded by DeborahAger and co-hosted by Collin Kelley, the Poet Party offers a great opportunity for poets from around the world to gather and discuss modern trends in the poetry world. Those wanting to join in can follow the #poetparty hashtag. Participants are encouraged to “listen” in on the conversation, and ask questions to engage the community of writers in these both formal and informal chats. I’ve taken part in one and a quarter Poet Party chats (I made the last 5-15 minutes of one once), and can honestly say it’s some of the most fun I’ve had online … and I’m addicted to Farkle on Facebook, so that’s saying a lot! The Poet Party takes place on Sunday nights at 9:00 pm ET; the next gathering will be Sunday, May 27th. You should also follow @32Poems and @CollinKelley to stay inspired poetically throughout the week.    


LitChat is a “fun, fast, and friendly way for booklovers to talk about books on Twitter.” These chats take place on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays from 4—5 pm EST. Each week’s chat focuses on a different topic in the literary world, inspired by topics from recently released books by authors who chat during that Friday’s #litchat discussion. The Monday and Wednesday chats are “open chats” related to the Topic of the Week. LitChat features some amazing guests and inspiring discussions that are sure to engage you on a multitude of levels, whether you’re an author or just a book lover. It’s definitely a fast paced discussion, but it’s tons of fun! Follow and use the #litchat hashtag to take part in the conversation. And don’t forget to follow @litchat for all the best inspiration and advice for and from authors every day.

Happy Chatting!


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