10 May 2012

online finds 5/10: 10 quotes for poets

Folks who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know that in late April I hosted a mini-series on being a poet. By following the #BeAPo hashtag, readers were treated (or, "tweeted") to a series of "10 Things You Should Know About Being A Poet" on April 28. But the second half of the "Being A Poet" (BeAPo) series was even more fun, featuring 10 quotes on poetry from great poets.

For today's Online Finds Thursday, here is the second part of the Being A Poet series in its entirety.

Being A Poet (BeAPo): 10 Quotes for Poets (click the image to view the full-sized print)
(PS-- If you like this digital print, you can buy a hard copy through deviantART! Priced starting at $0.49 for a 4x6 print.)


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