23 May 2012

don't worry, i'm happy: rejection art!

I just got another rejection notice. It was probably the nicest one I've ever gotten. Which got me thinking ... while today's post was supposed to be about overcoming self-doubt ... the reality is, even with this most recent rejection notification ... I'm in a place of strong certainty in my role as a writer. I have  no doubts, not today.

I am  a writer.

I am  a poet.

Even when the world says no ... I am saying yes to that.

So rather than going on and on about it ... Let's just do some rejection art instead.

Rejection art: Finding joy in the midst of a "no".

The truth of this post is: while I'm very sure in who I am as a writer right now, rejection can still be hard. My way of coping with it is these little pieces of rejection art, which serve as reminders that there's always a little ray of sunshine ... even when you're trying to find that ray in a "no" situation. You can find a "yes" in the midst of a "no." Even when, no, someone doesn't want to publish you, yes, you are still a writer. Even when, no, things don't go your way, yes, eventually they will. Even when, no, there seems to be nowhere to go but further down on your road of writerdom ... yes, even if you seem to have reached the bottom, eventually there will be nowhere to go but UP!

Your Turn: How do you keep yourself up when your writerly self is feeling down? What do you do when self-doubt starts to creep in?


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  1. Plow yourself into learning something new which make your next submission stronger. Even if that something new is how to bake a quiche or weave a basket.

  2. These could seriously be a book someday, Khara. Genius! :)
    I have a "Smile File," where I tuck nice comments that generous folks have taken the time to give about a poem. I also remind myself that there's always another poem in here somewhere, and the hope that the next one might be something special usually moves me forward. I haven't yet gotten my share of rejections, because I haven't done the submission work until this past month, but since I'm submitting every day, I'm sure they are on their way, en mass. I might have to play around with mine, too. ;)

    You make me smile.

    1. Thanks, De! I love that idea of a "Smile File" -- I think even rejection art could make it in there, since by the time it's done I've all but forgotten it started with a rejection! :)

  3. Thanks for shaing your rejection and your positivity. I've had a string of rejections of late and it helps to stay positive when I read your response. Talking to my husband, who believes in me wholeheartedly helps too.

    1. I'm so glad you find them encouraging, Emily. They definitely help me stay positive, too! (And kudos to your hubby for the support!)


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