01 April 2012

def.: Khara [Kair-uh]

The following is an excerpt from the Oxford-English Dictionary of Self-Definition and Personal Identity (2012).

KHa'-ra [Kair-uh] noun, verb; also --- Elizabeth House, --- E. House, K House, K.E.H.; also Dr. House (humorous usage); also "Kharebear", "Snuggle Bunny", "Babydoll Girl", "Khara Mouse", "Pumpkin", "Forehead" (but not if you know what's good for you).
1.     Literature and the Arts.
        a. a writer of various forms and genres, including poetry (primary), fiction, creative non-fiction, etc.;
        b. a published poet;
        c. a freelance writer specializing primarily in Education, Creative Writing, Arts & Entertainment, and
            Current  Events.

2.     Pedagogy.
        a. an instructor of introductory college-level writing for primarily incoming First-Year students;
        b. also, an instructor of intermediate poetry writing.

3.     Academic. one who studies English, primarily--if not exclusively--regarding the creative expression of
        thought, emotion, and personal experience through the act and art of Creative Writing; also, a recipient
        of a Bachelor's Degree in English with a Writing Emphasis; also, a recipient of a Master's Degree in
        English with a Creative Writing Emphasis, with a focus in Poetry.

 4.     Professional. a professional writer and instructor of writing; See also Instructor, Teacher, Freelance
        Writer, Poet, Creative Writer, Blogger, Event Speaker, Poetry Editor.

verb (used rarely)
5.     to engage in the act of writing with a focus on sound rather than sense, the meat of words rather than
        meaning, the play of language rather than the work of language, etc.;

6.     to play, primarily with language, and engage in acts of general frivolity both in the literal and simulated

7.     to prepare the world for laughter, and language, and various forms of creativity, absurdity, and general
        nonsensical play;

8.     to love; also, to long to be loved;

9.     to dive into suns and oceans and escape unscathed; also, to long for something beyond oneself and
        seek it in jungles urban, foreign, tropic, subtropic, domestic, intangible, and (primarily) literary;

10.   to perform various writing and literary acts, including: general writing; creative writing; editing;
        blogging; idea generation; public speaking; freelancing; pouncing upon and devouring new-found
        literary delicacies; web management; etc.

1986; < African-American (BLACK)  khāra   literally, "a girl with sunshine in her laughter" (A.D. House)

See Also: Christian, OR Christ-follower; Former Poetry Editor(s) [Thin Air magazine, Flagstaff, AZ]; Blogger; LOUIE Award Nominee; Writing Center Tutor; Former Diana Gabaldon Creative Writing Award recipients; Facebook, AND LinkedIn, AND Twitter, AND Blogger, AND Yahoo! Contributors Network; African-American (Black) Writers; African-American (Black) Poets; Graduate College workshop presenters (2011-2012); PEAKS Interdisciplinary Conference presenters (2011-2012).

Sample Usage:
1. Khara is a young Black woman, poet, and teacher, who is interested in all genres of writing, and who is passionate about--among other things--the act and art of writing, faith, music, reading, baseball, her family and friends, and so forth.
2. Khara has often been mispronounced as "Key'-ruh," "Cahr'-luh," "Cah'-ruh", "Key-ahy'-ruh", "Key-hah'-ruh", "Kuh-hah'-ruh", "Kuh-hahy'-ruh", "Chahr'-uh", "Kahy'-ruh", and in at least one instance, "E-lahy'-zuh", among other things.
2. Khara is hard to define, primarily because she cares about, and is passionate about, so much that the very act of defining her seems to limit her personality; she can be at once outgoing and shy, funny and insightful, grounded and floating ten feet above your head in a cloud of her own thoughts, imaginings, hopes, and aspirations. 
3. Stop daydreaming and get back to work, Khara!

Pictographic Rendition:
Figure 1. Khara [Kair-uh] can be an elusive creature to capture on film;
however, it is known that when she is captured, it is typically with a smile.

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