02 April 2012

goals for greatness

I am taking part in an April Platform Challenge, hosted by Robert Lee Brewer at his blog "My Name Is Not Bob". Day One's challenge was to "define yourself," a prompt that I obviously took very literally. Today's challenge was to "set your goals." I found this one much harder than defining myself, which was strange for me-- mainly because I've always thought I knew what I wanted. But when it came to writing goals down, it became extremely difficult. What are my important goals? Which goals should go first? Is that really a goal? What about short-term versus long-term goals ... all on the same list? Separate? How seriously should I take this?

To give you an idea of how hard this was for me ... I started thinking about this at 8 o'clock this morning. In the end I came up with a list of 50 goals--some serious, but others not quite as serious. In the process, I also decided to create a "Welcome" page for this blog that would serve as both an introduction to what my original vision for it was, and to myself, and as a permanent home for my list of goals.You can access the Welcome page to the right of the screen, under the list of pages. Enjoy!

As for my goals ... Here they are:

These "goals for greatness" are pretty broad ... but they also make me pretty happy!

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