21 April 2012

the best laid plans: the 'our lost jungle' editorial calendar

I like to think of myself as a creative type ... one of those people who just comes up with fun things out of nowhere but those little pockets of brain matter I've commandeered for such things.

How much do I plan? This much. I create a new National
Novel Writing Month calendar every year. This year I did 3.
But the reality is ... I am also a planning person. I love plans. I like lists, and schedules, and agendas. When I teach, I usually put the day's agenda on the board. When I'm working on a novel idea I create everything from chapter outlines to novel playlists to character resumes.

Of course, I am also forced to acknowledge that I tend to be a lazy person. Writing things down, apparently, tends to be a bit too much work for me these days. So I tend to lose more ideas than I hang on to anymore, and when it comes to actually, you know, putting those ideas (half of which I forget) into play ... it's definitely a challenge.

So I've been working on that. Primarily, at this time, I've been working on actually having a plan for this blog. As a result, I started working on an editorial calendar for Our Lost Jungle. I hope to start implementing it as early as next Monday, and I hope everyone reading will enjoy some of the content I hope to have coming your way soon!

Here is the calendar as it stands now:
  • Monday: Craft Tips--I love figuring out how to try and make my poetry better all the time, and figuring it out with other people is always a blast. So on Mondays I plan to share some of the writerly advice I've learned, as well as some themes and/or topics in the poetry world I've been thinking about and working with lately.
  • Tuesday: Opportunities for Writers--Another thing I'm always on the lookout for are great contests and places to submit work. I plan to share some of my latest finds on Tuesdays. I'm not sure exactly how this one will look, but what I'm imagining are posts featuring one or two journals, events such as readings and conferences, contests, and so forth. 
  • Wednesday: Personal Updates--On Wednesdays I plan to share personal stories, past and present, tales from teaching, work, writing, etc., and other life updates and such.I guess as part of a writing community I think it's always a good idea to keep it personal--whether that means sharing recent successes (and "failures"--rejection notices, and art, will always be a part of this blog), stories from growing up, or other personal updates, it's all out there.
  • Thursday: Online Finds--Pretty much what I'm envisioning for this day is sharing quotes for writers from writers, and other resources for writers (like the rejection letter generator). I don't picture doing this every Thursday, at least not at first, but as I find new and fun writing sites and resources, I definitely plan on sharing them!
  • Friday: Fri-Write--On Fridays I plan to share some works in progress: primarily poems, but I also write fiction and creative nonfiction, so anything goes. 
 I am definitely looking forward to getting started with all these things, especially as the summer approaches and time opens up. I also look forward to interacting with readers--like you (I see you out there! *waves*)--who stop by. Comments, feedback, questions, and suggestions are always welcome! Get ready--I hope it will be a fun ride for all!

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  1. Been meaning to say this for a while now. I LOVE how color is incorporated here. I LOVE the font. In so many ways, it so you :)

  2. Thank you, Meena! It's been fun experimenting with some of the color on this blog, actually. Getting the design and font and all that jazz just right is making me love writing here even more :)

  3. Holy cow, Khara. Such an organized soul. How on earth did you get gifted with BOTH sides of the brain? My left is EMPTY. ; )
    I'm spyin' on you for a day or two...so i can sound intelligent in my questionings. I am new to this interviewer thing. Gotta channel my inner Barbara Walters...or at least Marie Elena. ;)


    1. Oh, De, you have no idea! I'm not all that gifted in the organizational side of things--if I didn't type this up, I'd never have an organizational structure. My conflicting halves are obsessive-compulsive and absolute-disaster.

      I can't wait to get your questions! So looking forward to it! :)

    2. Aha. :) I love (and can relate to you) all the more, then. If people say I am organized about something (which is rare, mind you), I always say it's a defense mechanism. If I don't occasionally fight against my own creative chaos, all would go spinning off into outer space, no gravity whatsoever. Fun. But not too practical. ;)


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