29 December 2011

The (Semi-) Disingenous Bucket List (#1)

1. Read one new trashy or poorly written novel a month. Probably starting with something by Stephanie Meyer or James Patterson or Dan Brown.

2. Meet Joseph Gordon-Levitt and give him a kiss on the nose.

3. Blog at least one completely fabricated life-event a month.

4. Seize the day. By the throat. And shake. Hard.

5. Run when the sign says "Walk."

6. Punch a clown in the nose.

7. Invent a new board game that somehow includes Scrabble-like letter tiles, dice, playing cards, and colorful squares.

8. (Re)Learn how to waltz, and then find a (non-imaginary) waltzing partner (sorry, body pillow ... You're out this year) to waltz with.

9. Read the Bible the whole way through. Which means no more skipping daintily over and through Leviticus, Numbers, and half the prophets.

10. Learn to fish. So I can catch a fish. And then let it go. And then forget how to fish.

11. Go teddy bear hunting.

12. Learn 100 basic ASL signs, not including the alphabet.

13. Learn 100 basic phrases in Esperanto.

14. Learn to interpret body language.

15. Sing a duet with a guy on the guitar. Or piano. Possibly the ukelele. I'm not too picky on that.

16. Climb a mountain. Preferably one that I've made out of a molehill.

17. Visit the cities of Florence, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome, and Seville in the United States.

18. Participate in a flash mob. Preferably a flash mob musical.

19. Go to Mardi Gras and/or Carnival, or throw a very well-planned Mardi Gras and/or Carnival party.

20. Spend (at least) a week living as a member of the Dharma Initiative. This will necessitate labeling
everything I own with DI labels ... but I think I can make that happen.

21. (Re)Watch the AFI Top 100 Films.

22. Become an early riser. For, like, maybe a month. Then reward myself by sleeping in. For, like, ever.

23. Face my greatest fear. Which, right now, would probably be clowns.

24. Find a list of the 100 Greatest Songs, and buy them all, and then listen to them.

25. Be selected for jury duty and actually sit on the jury. I think I've watched enough crime dramas to be good at it.

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