11 September 2011

Kids say the darndest things ... to make you feel old

I just had a moment of nostalgia, reminiscing on the glorious things a group of eleven year old girls can say. I worked with eleven year olds over the summer, and let me tell you something ... those kids can come up with some of the best unintentionally vicious put-downs ever. And so, I give you

The Top Five Insults I've Ever Heard: Pre-Teen Edition

5. "So you're twenty-five, got no kids, got no man? Huh ... That's kinda sad."
4. "You're not ... old really. But you're twenty-five so ... yeah, you're pretty old."
3. "You're really dark. You're so dark, you're, like, invisible."
2. "You're not fat you're ... fluffy."
1. "You're so old you're practically nonexistent."

... Well thank you, kids. Thank you.

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