12 August 2011

your last great leap of freedom

Your last great leap of freedom
You’re too small
to know the secrets of unraveling.
But here’s a hint—
be brave—
and sing until you burst
like rain clouds,
heavy on the ground.
Keep finding
and refinding
your toes.

Finding ways
to be yourself ain’t easy
when you’re early yet to grow.
Keep your toe planted
squarely in your mouth—
and suck
and suck
the question away—
at least until a new one takes its place.

but not too soon—
you may be washed up,
like filaments of seaweed
papering the shore.
Take it in stride.
You may think
it’s never too late
to start again, until it is—well it’s not.
The clouds you make sense of,
hold them closer still—
they’ll tell you secrets
the wind never will.

And know—
falling backwards is womb work.
You’ll find a bit of poppy dust
and know,
one day—
but not too soon—
it too is a part of who you are.
Keep that question, too,
‘til you can loose it
back on some wave or rainy day.

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