06 August 2011

as seen through the eyes of (another) poet

Get ready for a lot of honor to be dispensed here, kids ... I am honored to announce that I had the honor of being asked to serve as a guest poet on the honorable Walt Wojtanik's blog, THROUGH THE EYES OF A POET'S HEART. Walt has been a great poetic influence and ally to me for a few years now, so of course I was honored to accept his request and talk a bit about where I am with my poetry, discuss what I'm presently working on, and share a few selected poems.

I must admit that choosing 4-5 poems was a hard task, simply because what I had to choose from at present included the precious baby otherwise known as my thesis and a series of new poems otherwise known as my babies. The new poems were particularly tricky as many of them are pretty lengthy (at least, compared to my usual 6-16 liners) ... and I wasn't looking to be the poet who shared a 60 line poem plus three more! Not to mention that several are still in the works, or out looking for homes, both things that make me extremely nervous. At the same time, I am in so many ways grateful to Walt for asking me to do this, as it not only gives me an opportunity to share some of my work with a new(er) audience, but also pushes me headfirst out of my goose-down-pillowed comfort zone.

You can check out the post here: IN A GUEST POET'S EYES - KHARA HOUSE

And check out Walt's other works here, here, here, and here...


  1. Thanks Khara. You honored me is such a way before, and I knew if I ever delved into having guests, you HAD TOO be the first. I'll take good care of your babies and hope many will come and visit them.

    Also, thanks for listing the URL's for my endless list of blogs. The Last "Poet's Heart" (not as new) had been incorporated into the new, and will be removed shortly (Sept. 1) just an archive now.

    Keep your nose to the grindstone and be sure to let me know when and where I can get a Khara House book for my library. Good luck, Doll!

  2. Hi Khara,

    Enjoyed your guest post at Walt's new site.

    Also, it was great to read some more of your poetry.


  3. Will do, Walt!

    Patricia, thank you! It was a lot of fun :)


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