17 May 2011


About five minutes ago, while posting a comment to a friend's blog, I had to submit a CAPTCHA word to verify I am not a robot. Frankly, I think CAPTCHAs vastly underestimate the intelligence of robots ... which are artificial intelligence beings; if "intelligence" is part of their description, I don't think we should discount that they might actually be intelligent. But for as much as I believe robots are clever, and capable of one day rising up and ripping us apart with their spindly little riveted fingers and laser beams, I think the CAPTCHA system is on to something. I can't count the number of times I've had something so close to a word I've had to stop and puzzle, Am I just reading this wrong?

For example ... ovalizin. I know it's so close to "ovalizing" it's not even funny ... so why? Why no "g?" Perhaps the robots that generated the CAPTCHA phrase were messing with the Grammar Police of the world, using the colloquial and slang jargon to throw them off their high horses. Or maybe--just maybe--it's the cleverest reinforcement of the Three Rules ever.

Think about it. What's something robots struggle with all the time? If you've ever used a computer, you know the answer: errors. Robots and other machines can't stand errors. So could a robot, even an internet bot, force itself to enter "ovalizin" and skip that vital "g?" Or would its head explode?

I like to believe its the latter. I also like to believe that an entire post not related to poetry, not related to the craft of constructing clever or witty or profound verse, a post written out of a desire to write but not out of a desire to write about anything particularly worthwhile or clever or witty or profound, can be worthwhile, or clever, or witty, or, yes, even profound.

... But probably not. 


  1. I want to know this. If robots are generating these words, who's to stop them from switching teams one day and telling their fellow robo-friends what the answer is. I fear it's a classic case of the fox guarding the henhouse.

  2. lol Binger

    okay my word is : borkva - it's a type of metal bra just for robots


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