10 May 2011

my secret success

My thesis is finally done. Done. DONE! (In case you didn't get that ... it's finished.) Well ... sort of. What?! You just emphasized that it's "done", like, a million times! Well, it's done to fulfill the requirements of my degree. It'll need a lot of editing and further fine-tuning, to take place over the Summer of Bliss, before anything more is done with it. Aha. Yeah, so, "done," but not done. Liar. Literalist.

All joking with my inner dialogue aside, it almost seems hard to believe that after one semester I've put together a "collection" of forty-two little babies that want to go screaming and wailing out into the world. Not the prettiest metaphor, but still pretty accurate. And I'd like to share the secret of my success. The trick to getting together forty-two screaming power drills that long to rush out into the world to burrow into your brain. Better? No, guess not. So here it is:
Putting together a thesis is serious stuff. But it's also a hot bed for a ride to Procrastination Station. Like, three hour long "breaks" to try and figure out what those numbers mean on LOST. And when you realize you have not 4, not 8, not 15, not 16, not 23, but FORTY-TWO poems in your thesis ... it's like a brain explosion.

 No, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I had a crack team on it. They did an amazing jobs. Turns out, chimps at keyboards come up with sah-weet metaphors.

My ultimate top secret secret? I actually failed my thesis three times. Because of time, man. Kept running out of it. Then I saw this:
And figured, hey, I can do that! And I could make it bigger! Dare I say, BETTER! And so I did ...
And if you don't believe me, here's proof. I went and spent an evening in Saint-Remy. It was captured in a painting:
Maybe you can't see me. Here's a close up:

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