17 April 2011

This world I've breathed onto the page ...

This has been a rather unproductive National Poetry Month for me, outside of drawing near the completion of my thesis, which I suppose counts. Today, rather than writing poems, I formatted my thesis, and spent approximately three hours coming up with a list of twelve titles. At least five of them are thanks in no small part to my friend and fellow poet Ben, who came up with his own list of possible titles after I sent him my collection of 42 poems. One of the titles he suggested was "Leaf and Bone," and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind since. It's incorporated into three of the titles. There were also two titles he suggested that had already made my "short list" of phrases and/or themes that I couldn't get out of my head and might work as titles: "World Turning Back" and "Deep Blue Delta."

I did a search through my thesis collection, and I'm fairly certain I use the words "breath," "leaf", "bone," and "bird" about a million times. Which is slightly amusing to me, since I have a tendency to hate repetition-- yet these were also things and images that seemed so vital to almost all the poems I wrote for this collection. So most of the titles incorporate some sort of breath or flight in them, as well.

All this said, here, without further ado, is my current list of potential titles:

  1.  World Turning Back
  2. Breath of Leaf and Bone
  3. Our Lost Jungle
  4. What Wouldn't Burn
  5. Whispers of Leaves
  6. Deep Blue Delta
  7. Naming the Night
  8. Breath Over Water
  9. Breath of Stars
  10. Breath Through Leaf and Bone
  11. Birds of Leaf and Bone
  12. An Origin of Black Birds
I can't wait to see what the final title turns out to be-- perhaps one of these, perhaps none of these. (In fact, as soon as I titled this post, I started wondering if "This World I Breathed" wouldn't work as a title...) The struggle isn't so much with coming up with one--it's picking one.

...how to choose between so many baby birds ...

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  1. "Leaf, Breath, and Bone" has a nice progression in sounds to it. Just another idea. =)


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