21 March 2011

rejection is so much easier to take when it's tiny and adorable...

I received the following rejection notice today:

Besides the fact that I've been in pretty good temperament lately, which has allowed me to take let-downs fairly easily, there's one thing that keeps this from being an utter disappointment: it's adorable. I know I sent a small SASE for a response, but I can't help but imagining that had I send a ginormous manila envelope this still would have been the response I received. And nothing puts me in a better mood than something cute, even if it's a cute rejection notice.

Plus, it made it super easy to do this:

In fact, I think this may be my official new way of dealing with all rejection notices ... Turning them into little poems of love and appreciation. I mean, how often do we poets get thanked for doing what we do. And I appreciate me, too. How nice of them to wish me luck... 

...and the hearts ... such a nice touch ...

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