04 March 2011

Just One More Flower Petal, Please, Before I Go ...

I have never been a major fan of tulips, but for Valentine's Day to celebrate my singleness, and perhaps convince myself that singleness is not equivalent to alone and that I am still wonderful by myself because I get to be my own better half, I opted to let ProFlowers pick flowers for me, and tulips are what I got. They bloomed and died within a week, but managed to keep me happy for days and days, and in the end made for some lovely snapshots. This is one of my favorites, perhaps because I've always been a fan of black and white art but never the best at capturing it, so when it turns out pretty, I must love it.

In other news, the tulips are currently dry and crumbling in a plastic bag waiting to be taken to a dumpster...

...but part of me wants to take them and scatter their leaves and petals and seed to the Arizona breeze, and let them become what they will under the sun...


  1. Great idea! Let the wind take them!

  2. what a great thing to say...
    "that singleness is not equivalent to alone and that I am still wonderful by myself"
    and that is a super & duper photo, beautiful

  3. Thank you, both! It was such a fun "photo shoot" ... I wound up snapping about fifteen of the same flower, and having fun editing each a little differently. And, Lisa, I think I will! :)


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